CIL China ltd. - General manager (Guangzhou office)

CIL China
Full Time
3 months ago

An exciting opportunity for a motivated individual to lead the growth of our office
Open for Chinese nationals and foreigners

Function: General manager (Guangzhou office)

Function description
As General Manager of our office in Guangzhou, you are responsible for the management of the team and the company’s projects and operations. You have an overview of all projects and needs of all colleagues to support the team in successfully executing their daily operations. You take on critical decisions and lead when needed.

Incidentally, you take on clients and their projects when these cannot be delegated to the team.

You are responsible for creating service proposals for new potential clients. You prepare the introduction of new projects and needed briefing information to the team to ensure proper onboarding new projects or clients. Besides, you support the team in suggesting proposals to existing clients.

You govern contracts and agreements with factories, clients and resources. You are responsible for the control of costs and profits.

You are free to initiate projects to improve the performance of team members or the quality of our services. You create a high quality and performance standard by your management while ensuring a cooperative and supportive company culture. Increase performance by supporting your team to grow and improve.   

Company introduction
CIL China Ltd. is a consulting service company in China helping mainly Dutch companies with managing their supply chain in China. We are the office for our clients and help them managing their China projects, orders, work and activities. We offer therefore help in a wider spectrum from sourcing, quality control and factory management to patent registration, creating contracts and agreements and mediation between China and Western parties. We also initiate assemblies, product development and warehousing.

We are an innovative consulting company looking to the future. We are working and developing software to innovate our sector with automation, data and AI. We are publisher of the IAAD China Working Method book, contributing to a more constructive working environment between China and the West.


  • Management of the company’s team, projects and operations
  • Supporting colleagues and team members
  • Taking on clients and their projects which cannot be delegated to the team
  • Governing agreements and contracts with factories, clients and resources.
  • Cost and profit control
  • Client contact and onboarding new projects
  • Create service proposals
  • Free to initiate projects to improve performance and growth of team members (educational, standardization of processes, KPI’s, quality management etc.)

You are (a):

  • Ambitious
  • Supportive person
  • Problem solver
  • Social
  • Manager

You have:

  • Improvement mentality
  • Like challenges
  • Like to learn and improve yourself
  • Awareness of China cultural differences
  • Understanding of cost-profit

You choose:

  • Higher quality instead of fast and low quality
  • Seeking second opinions before making decisions
  • Explaining instead of ordering people
  • Seeking the solution at yourself instead of blaming others

You have at least 2 years’ experience and competence in:

  • Bachelor’s degree
    or College degree but relevant experience and competence
  • Office management
  • Project management
  • Managing a team and people management
  • English fluently by speaking and writing
  • Cost control, agreements and contracts
  • Chinese Mandarin conversational (preferred)
  • Sourcing, supply chain or trading experience (preferred)
  • Experience with factories and the Chinese business environment (preferred)
  • Writing skills (Articles, reports and overviews)

Working location: Gangding, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Working days and hours: Office hours and weekdays

Salary:   Ask for the salary possibilities

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