Author: BenCham PRD

In China, the only thing that is constant is change itself. During the last year these changes included new regulations, a slower economy and a trade conflict between two of the largest trading countries in the world, the United States and China.

After the continuing increase in salary costs, Benelux businesses in China identify the costs related to remain compliant and keep up with regulation as main difficulty encountered in the Chinese market.
Nevertheless, over half of the Benelux companies remain confident in the Chinese market due to unmet market demand.

Despite being aware of most of the major changes in China, little is known about how companies from the Benelux are dealing with these threats and opportunities.

For this reason, the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China (Beijing, Shanghai and PRD) and MS Advisory, with support from the diplomatic- and trade representations of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg in China, are proud to publish the 2019 survey.

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We believe the report, being published for the 4th consecutive time, will be a valuable instrument for companies and people by providing up-to-date insights and creating a better understanding of the current Chinese business environment.